As the campus leader in alcohol recovery, we are committed to providing funding for alcohol free programs. In order to receive funding, the following guidelines must be met: 

  • The program must either:
    • Actively promote awareness of alcohol and substance abuse AND/OR
    • Provide a reasonable alternative to an event or activity where alcohol or substance abuse commonly occurs.
  • The organization running the program must be affiliated with a department at the University of Arizona.
  • We will fund up to 50% of your program budget. 
  • We will fund up to $1500
    • If you are requesting more than $300, your program must have existed at least one year prior to requesting funding OR your organization must have existed for two years prior to requesting funds. 
  • We will not transfer money to your organization's bank account. We will only pay vendors. 
    • Vendors will only be paid after the program is completed.
  • In most cases, a member of our staff will be present at some point during the program. 
  • The presence of any drugs or alcohol, even if it is being consumed legally, will automatically void all funding. There are no exceptions. 
  • We will not fund food. 
  • If your activity involves physical activity (paintballing, rock climbing, etc.) funding is subject to whether the vendor has the appropriate liability insurance. 
  • Requests must be reasonable. We will not fund a five-star hotel if a cheaper alternative is available.
  • Funding must be requested one month prior to the program.
    • We are currently in the early stages of this program. If you chose to apply, please be advised that vendors may take an extended period of time to be approved.

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