Peer Mentoring - Mentor

We offer 1:1 peer mentoring* for students who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, but aren't ready to attend the group meetings. Mentors are students that have gone through similar experiences and are willing to help fellow Wildcats. You can eat and hang out with your mentee and provide valuable advice. The best part?  There is no commitment** - you can meet up with your mentee as often or as little as needed based on both of your schedules. Interested in being a Mentor? Fill out the form below to get started. 

*1:1 peer mentoring does not replace professional counseling. We always recommend participants seek professional counseling

**If you contact a mentee, we do ask that you attend at least one meet-up with your mentee.

This form will go directly to the club and you will be contacted within a couple of business days. At this point you will be invited to one of our weekly club meetings to meet with the club and discuss your involvement.